Our factory

Many of our furniture is manufactured at our factory in Lammhult in Småland - a clean, quiet, factory with genuine craftsmanship. Here we make polyether gluing on Swedish wood frames, cutting of fabrics and all leather, sewing of most of our fabrics (other sewing in Smiltene in Latvia),  upholstering and assembling of the products and packaging in renewable materials.

All production in our factory is specially made after order. This means that we start to manufacture a furniture only when we have an order, based on each customer's individual wishes. This method promotes quality and is sustainable for our environment.

In our production, care has been taken in every detail for the best possible work environment and the least possible environmental impact. We work as much as possible based on the Lean Production method. We only use water-based glue.

We work with carefully chosen designers who, together with our product developers and craftsmen, work out our furniture from scratch based on sketches and prototypes. Based on long experience, we choose which materials and which construction are most suitable. We do not take shortcuts in the development of furniture with optimal aesthetics, comfort and durability.