Emma Olbers - is the new creative director at Ire Möbel

Emma Olbers - ny kreativ chef på Ire Möbel

Emma Olbers began her partnership with Ire Möbel in 2010, and since then she has designed several notable pieces for the company, including the Rejoin modular sofa which features elegant leather details and bears the Svanen ecolabel, and the Hanna armchair, which comes in several versions and will eventually be expanded into a series. Environmental considerations have always been at the forefront in her work as a designer, and she wants to continue developing this philosophy at Ire.
“Ire has always stood for quality from beginning to end, and they’ve persisted in keeping their production in Sweden. I want to highlight their environmental approach even more, while partnering at the same time with several interesting Swedish designers,” Emma explained.

What is your role as creative director?

“It's important to me that all parts of the company share the same values, not just when it comes to production and the range, but also when it comes to trade fairs and illustrations. I'm a member of the fabric council and the product council, and I'm involved when we discuss marketing issues. It's important for the values that we share within the company to be communicated to the public as well.”

What values would you want to highlight?

“Ire’s continual emphasis on quality, sustainability and comfort. They focus on the long term as they make their furniture, in both form and function. A piece of furniture that lasts for a long time in the home is also sustainable from an environmental perspective.”

What aspects of Ire make you particularly proud?

“The craftsmanship, the environmental approach and the fact that it’s made in Sweden. Today a great deal of the furniture is made in Lammhult. They take care of their customers, through measures including the upholstery guarantee, which means that customers can buy the same upholstery for up to 10 years after buying a sofa. In addition, Ire is one of a small number of companies with their own large range of fabric.”
Is there anything you see as especially important to emphasise from an environmental standpoint?
“All manufacturers should be thinking about sustainability from day one – it should already be included in their brief to the designer. Next it's important to look for new environmentally friendly materials or to use recycled materials, since the choice of material is responsible for the majority of furniture-related CO2 emissions - and if we’re going to meet our environmental targets this is important.”


Finns det något du upplever som särskilt viktigt att arbeta med ur miljösynpunkt?
- Alla producerande företag borde ha hållbarhetstänket med från ruta ett - det ska finnas med redan i deras brief till formgivaren. Sedan är det viktigt att leta efter nya miljövettiga material eller använda återvunnet eftersom materialvalet står för större delen av CO2-utsläppen när det gäller möbler - och ska vi nå miljömålen är detta viktigt.